site is about national and industry productivity with emphasis on Australia's productivity performance. 

What does it cover?

The site covers:
  1. An examination of Australia's productivity trends    
  2. Discussion of Productivity issues and policy approaches
  3. Resource and education material About productivity  
  4. A few words about Dean Parham including my publications list with links. 
I haven't had a lot of time to complete the site, but I will extend and update as time permits. You can can monitor changes on the What's new on the site? page. A page on Recent developments in Australia's productivity has been added. [May, 2019]

Acknowledgements and disclaimer

For a long time, I was associated with Australia's Productivity Commission. Working at the Commission gave me a strong grounding and interest in productivity analysis. A number of thoughts and approaches presented here have 'collective' origins in the time I spent at the Commission and working as part of a team. That said, the material on the site is not bound by, nor does it represent, Productivity Commission findings or views (except where explicitly attributed). I no longer have any connection with the Productivity Commission.

The logo was designed by Ilona Samcewicz-Parham, my wonderful and talented daughter.
Feedback, comments and questions       
Feedback on the site and material is invited and very welcome. Where appropriate, I will make amendments or include comments from others on the site. If anyone wants to write a piece on a productivity-related issue for inclusion on the site, please get in touch. And feel free to ask questions you would like me to address.