The following is a list of productivity-related publications that I have written or to which I have been a major contributor.

The references are organised according to publication type.                 

Journal articles

A. Syed, R. Q. Grafton, K. Kalirajan and D. Parham (2015), ‘Multifactor Productivity Growth and the Australian Mining Sector’, Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, vol. 59, pp. 1–22.                           

D. Parham (2013),’Australia’s Productivity: Past, Present and Future’, Australian Economic Review, vol.46, no. 4, pp 462-72.                    

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D. Parham (2002), ‘Productivity and Policy Reform in Australia, International Productivity Monitor, no.5, Fall, pp.53-63.

D. Parham (2002), ‘Productivity Gains: Importance of ICTs’, Agenda, vol.9, no.3, pp.195-210.

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D. Parham (2000), ‘A More Productive Australian Economy’ Agenda, vol. 7, no. 1, pp.3-16.

Contributions to edited volumes

D. Parham (2008), ‘Analysis of the Effects of R&D on Australian Productivity: Implications for Productivity Measurement?’ in OECD, Proceedings of a Workshop on Productivity Analysis and Measurement, Bern, 16-18 October 2006, OECD, Paris.

P. Gretton, J. Gali and D. Parham (2004), ‘The Effects of ICTs and Complementary Innovations on Australian Productivity Growth, in OECD, The Economic Impact of ICT: Measurement, Evidence and Implications, OECD, Paris.

D. Parham (2004), ‘Australia’s 1990s Productivity Surge and Its Determinants’, in T. Ito and A. Rose (eds), Productivity and Growth in East Asia, NBER-East Asia Seminar on Economics, vol.13, University of Chicago Press, Chicago.

D. Parham and T. Makin (2000), ‘Australia’, in PECC Pacific Economic Outlook Project, Productivity Growth and Industrial Structure in the Pacific Region, Japan Committee for Pacific Economic Outlook, Osaka.

Invited conference papers

D. Parham (2013), Productivity and Pay: Developments and Issues in Labour’s Share of Income Gains, Paper presented in the Workplace Relations Lecture Series, Fair Work Commission, Melbourne, August.      [pdf file at bottom of page]  

D. Parham and P. Roberts (2004), ‘Productivity Growth and its Sources: How Do NZ and Australia Compare?’, paper presented to the Productivity: Performance, Prospects and Policies Workshop, NZ Treasury, Wellington.    

D. Parham (2004) ‘ICT: An Engine or Enabler of Australia's Productivity Growth?’, paper presented to the Asia Pacific Productivity Conference 2004, Brisbane, July.

D. Parham (2002), ‘Microeconomic Reforms and the Revival in Australia’s Growth in Productivity and Living Standards’, paper presented to the Conference of Economists, Session on Microeconomic Reform Revisited, Adelaide, October.

D. Parham (2002), ‘Productivity Gains from Policy Reforms, ICTs and Structural Transformation’, IAOS Conference on the New Economy, London, August.

D. Parham (2002), ‘Productivity Growth in Australia: Are We Enjoying a Miracle?’, paper presented to the Melbourne Institute/The Australian Conference, Towards Opportunity and Prosperity, Melbourne, 4-5 April.    

Bureau of Communications Research papers (principal author)

Bureau of Communications Research (2016), IT Use and Australia’s Productivity: Where Are We Now? Department of Communications and the Arts, Canberra.

Bureau of Communications Research (2015), Digital Productivity Primer, Department of Communications, Canberra.

New Zealand Productivity Commission paper

        P. Conway, L. Meehan and D. Parham (2015), ‘Who Benefits from Productivity Growth? The Labour Income Share in New Zealand, New                Zealand Productivity Commission Working Paper 2015/1, February.

Treasury publication

Greagg, P., D. Parham and P. Stojanovski (2010), ‘Disparities in average rates of company tax across industries’, Australian Treasury, Economic Roundup, Issue 2, 2010, pp. 91-103.

Productivity Commission Research Reports (principal or major author)

Productivity Commission (2004), ICT Use and Productivity: A Synthesis from Studies of Australian Firms, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

Productivity Commission (1999), Microeconomic Reforms and Australian Productivity: Exploring the Links, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

Industry Commission (1997), Assessing Australia’s Productivity Performance, Industry Commission, Canberra.

Productivity Commission Staff Working Papers

D. Parham (2013), Labour’s Share of Growth in Income and Prosperity, Visiting Researcher Paper, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

D. Parham (2012), Australia’s Productivity Growth Slump: Signs of Crisis or Adjustment?, Visiting Researcher Paper, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

V. Topp, L. Soames, D. Parham and H. Bloch (2008), Productivity in the Mining Industry: Measurement and Interpretation, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

B. Dolman, D. Parham and S. Zheng (2007), Can Australia Match US Productivity Performance?, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

D. Parham, P. Roberts and H. Sun (2001), Information Technology and Australia’s Productivity Surge, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

D. Parham, P. Barnes, P. Roberts and S. Kennard (2000), Distribution of the Economic Gains of the 1990s, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

D. Parham (1999), The New Economy? A New Look at Australia’s Productivity Performance, Productivity Commission, Canberra.

Consultancy reports

D. Parham, H. To, N. Ratna, S. Regan, and Q. Grafton (2015), Migration and Productivity in Australia, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU, Canberra.

Australian Business Foundation, Deepa Economics and ThinkEvans (2012), Productivity and Fair Work, Report prepared for NSW Business Chamber and Australian Business Industrial, Australian Business Foundation, Sydney, March. (available at


C. Findlay, N. Kennedy, F. Lin, D. Parham and T. Harcourt (2012), Borders Blurred:  The Changing Nature of Trade in a Globalised World’, Australian Business Foundation, Sydney.

(available at )

Other Working Papers

D. Parham, C. Vas (2012), ‘Demystifying Productivity for Better Informed Policy’, Issues Paper 1, Productivity Policy Research Program, H.C. Coombs Policy Forum, Crawford School of Public Policy, The Australian National University, Canberra.

D. Parham (2007), ‘Australia’s Productivity Growth in the 21st Century’, Economic Issues, No 21, South Australian Centre for Economic Studies, Adelaide.

D. Parham (2002), ‘The Role of Entry and Exit in Australian Productivity Growth’, OECD STI Working Paper, No 2002/06, OECD, Paris.

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